Metaphors in Motion

About us

We are audio-visual storytellers who brew metaphors to concoct smiles, tears and other things in between.

In Quechua, one of the Native South American language families, KaruKaru means "very far away".

Ethos & Interests

Nurturing our audience's capacity for wonder

Exploring metaphorical relations between image-sound-text; playing with critical questioning driven by curiosity; and searching for strong philosophical cores

Working on projects driven by ethical principles (basically doing the right thing towards all living beings)

We offer

- 2D Animation

- Sound Design & Music

- Concept Art, Characters, Backgrounds & Props

- Illustration, Comics, Multimedia projects

- Projects in English / Spanish

Ana María Méndez Salgado


production designer / illustrator / director


Carlos A. Manrique Clavijo


sound designer / composer / creative producer


Ana has created award-winning productions and showcased in Latin-America, Europe and Australia. Ana studied Visual Arts, Illustration and Animation as well as courses in Children's Literature, Cinema and Sequential Narrative. She has worked as a mentor and lecturer at the University of South Australia.

She's passionate about the links between culture, expression and personal identity. She loves riding her bicycle, rollerskating, being surrounded by nature, listening to children's conversations, studying old objects with hidden stories, and contemplating the world when everyone else seems to be busy.

Carlos has worked in several award-winning productions including fiction, documentary and predominantly, animation. He has studied Sound Engineering, Philosophy, Film Production and Animation, and has worked as a tertiary education lecturer in film sound design, music and video editing in Colombia and Australia.

He's very fond of cats, toys that make weird sounds and geeky stuff like computer programming. He's passionate about questions and perception, and he's also very curious about the humanities, arts and social sciences.


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